Printer Workflow

Can you add a printer at the end of your project to send the artwork for printing? Yes, you can
You may complete your artwork journey by configuring the printer workflow upon successful completion of the in-house artwork approval. This ensures a seamless system of artwork management. Again, this improves inter-team efficiency, transparency and collaboration while eliminating any oversight in the pre-press.
Where do you find this feature?
Once an artwork approval project gets completed, you get an option on the Project screen to configure printer workflow. There you may add a printer (similar to adding a designer to the upload stage) and the artwork in pdf format is already present as a project asset, so no need to re-upload.
Possible Use cases
  • After internal approvals, your printing partners/ manufacturers can share the print-proof/ print-ready files for a final review. In case of a rejection, the printing partners/ manufacturers can upload a revision and so the process continues
  • If you wish to collaborate with multiple printing partners/ manufactures who would be supplying the same artwork/ label

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