How is an external reviewer/assignee different from an internal reviewer/assignee?

  • An External Reviewer/Assignee is directly onboarded to their Task in the Project workflow through an email notification. They have a limited functionality and no visibility on the Project. 
  • While the internal assignees can review an artwork using a variety of proofing tools like comparing artwork files, checking the graphic layers, measuring the artwork dimensions, etc. these functions are not available for an external user who gets a free access onto their task. They can, however, conduct a spellcheck, review the font face, standard checklist and discover the shades of color implemented while commenting their views.
  • The internal reviewer can also annotate (i.e. pinpoint), while commenting, the contextual location on the artwork and e-sign their review; the external reviewer is limited in that functional access. 

Here's a screenshot of the renderer in case of an external assignee:

Compare it to the internal assignee view:

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