Glossary of important terms

Welcome to Artwork Flow. Now that you have your account set up, I will help you to get familiar with the terms we use in the platform.

The core building block of Artwork Flow is a Project. The core building block of a project is a Workflow. The core building block of a Workflow is the Stage. Confused?

Let us explain that a little more clearly.

Artwork Flow allows you to proof your PDF files, primarily packaging artworks, but you can also use the tool to review any other collaterals, as long as the file is in a PDF format.

Every file to be proofed is run as a part of a project. You can have multiple files in a project. Let’s move on to a workflow.

What is a Workflow?

Every organization follows a certain process flow with regard to file approvals. In some cases, the brand manager liaises with the design team, in others, the packaging manager is the PoC.

A project consists of a workflow and the files that will pass through this workflow. A workflow is a set of sequential stages along which your files move in the project approval process. Each stage can be assigned to a single user or multiple users. The only difference here is that multiple users will be assigned a review task at the same time. Additionally, the file will not move ahead until all reviewers on a stage have approved the file.

Any workflow can be saved as a Workflow Template and it can be reused in multiple projects. You also get to store infinite workflow templates. To give you an example, a company Acme Corp has three product lines as Cookies, Bread, and Chips, each with a different approval process. They will create 3 workflow templates for each product line and the Cookie workflow template can be reused for projects like Butter Cookies or Almond Cookies.

What is a Stage?

A stage is where your review happens. The outcome of a stage is an approval or a rejection. If there are multiple reviewers on a stage, even a single rejection would be construed as a stage rejection and the file will be pushed back to the original file uploader to make changes after all reviews on the stage are done.

Your file gets approved only when all stages are approved. When all files in a project are approved, your project gets completed.

By now, we think you should have a clear idea of projects, workflows, and stages. Now, let’s step into the grind with a project creation example.

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