Understanding Integrations

ArtworkFlow allows you to integrate with the following - 

  1. Adobe Illustrator 
  2. Google Drive 

Both are explained below -

1. Adobe Suite

Adobe suite plugin can be installed from the Adobe app marketplace. ArtworkFlow Adobe Plugin

You can do the following using the plugin - 
  • Access your tasks and upload initial artwork or final AI file 
  • Upload file to Artwork Library directly 
  • Look at artwork metadata and browse through the Artwork Asset library 

This plugin can help designers complete tasks without having to go out of illustrator and increase their efficiency manifold

2. Google Drive

This plugin can be installed on your domain from google workspace. ArtworkFlow Google Drive Plugin. It allows the following 

  • Open any pdf/ai file on google drive directly into the ArtworkFlow proofing suite. When you open the file you will have to give permissions to google drive when prompted for. 
  • Adding the file directly from google drive into ArtworkFlow Asset Library and using it to start an approval workflow flow
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