Proofing Tools

Proofing Tools

Once you know how to work on a project, the next step is to understand your smart companions-the proofing tools.

Proofing tools provide you with a system to proficiently scan your work and deal with the huge number of artwork label versions available to you. 

In simple words, they help you check your artwork. They'll proofread your work, find fonts, extract colors, measure dimensions, and compare artworks. These smart companions protect your time, money, and pride in your business.

The proofing tools provided by Artwork Flows are as follows:  

1. Online Spell Checker

The online spell checker helps you find spelling botches in your artwork PDF file and gives you suggestions to address them. The main advantages of utilizing this tool are:

  • Disposal of spelling blunders

The Spell Checker liberates your artwork files from spelling mistakes.

  • The portrayal of the right brand image

Incorrect spellings in a packaging label can damage your brand image or have serious legal ramifications. Thus, it is the companion that helps you portray the brand image in the market.

2. Artwork Compare Tool

The artwork compare tool contrasts the active version of your artwork to any previous versions (rejected artwork), reference files (If uploaded while running projects) or any artwork previously uploaded to the library. You also have an option to upload a new file from your computer.

The main advantages of utilizing this tool are:

  • A quick highlight of differences 

PDF Compare tool lets you highlight changes done in a new version of your artwork file. (So you don’t skip any minute-looking changes such as the contrasts between 50ml and 500ml label packages).

  • Easy spot of errors

This tool uses annotation features which makes it trouble-free to spot errors. Files are easily comparable. 

  • Time conservation

You don't have to take the printout of your artwork files to compare them. Instead, you can simply use Artwork PDF Compare to know the dissimilarities in a flicker of seconds and conserve a lot of your valuable time. 

3. Online Measurement Scale

The online measurement scale helps you verify the dimensions of your artwork online. 

The main advantages of utilizing this tool are:

  • Online Measurement

It eliminates the manual work of taking printouts to gauge measurements. You can conveniently verify the dimensions of your artwork using an online ruler.

  • Multi-checks possible

Every one of your team members (from the designer to the external printing agency), can use this tool. So, you can have multiple rounds of verification before you go live with your artwork.

  • Easy adherence to guidelines

Using the online scale, you can check text sizes on your designs, logo dimensions, labels, etc. So, you can by all means adhere to the predefined guidelines.

4. Artwork Color Extractor

The artwork color extractor assists you in detecting colors (CMYK & Pantone) in your artwork design files. 

The main advantages of utilizing this tool are:

  • Controls printing cost

Since you know the CMYK & Pantone colors used in your artwork labels, you can oversee printing costs involved in the entire label printing process.

  • Maintains brand’s color consistency

You can detect the exact colors in your artwork label designs. So, you can maintain color consistency in your brand labels.  

  • Multi-checks possible

Everyone in your team can use and verify colors before printing. So, multi-rounds of color verification are possible before taking your product to the market.

5. Artwork Font Finder

The artwork font finder facilitates you to extract fonts from artwork pdf files. 

The main advantages of utilizing this tool are:

  • Finds font type & size

Using Artwork Font Finder, you can instantaneously find the font type and size used in your packaging design file.

  • Multi-checks possible

Everyone in your team can use the Artwork font finder to check fonts for compliance.

  • Builds your product’s brand

Typography, fonts, and typefaces mirror a brand's values. So, this companion is crucial to verify fonts in every artwork design before going to the market.

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