Understanding Admin Settings

Admin settings include three primary sections - 

  1. Subscription settings
  2. Advance features 
  3. Notification settings 

We will explain 2 & 3 in this article in details - 

1. Advanced features 

1. Default Language 

Current Artflow supports Spanish and English as the languages. You can select any one of them. After selecting the language logout and login in again to enable the changed language 

2. Timezone

Please select your default timezone based on where you are to set proper project settings

3. Auto Logout 

This is an advanced setting where you can set your users' sessions to automatically log out active sessions after a particular time period. This is an enterprise security feature to allow security if someone just leaves their sessions unattended

4. Only Project creators will be able to edit their projects

This is a setting which if enabled will not allow project manager access users to edit projects which are created by other project managers. Admins will still have access to edit anything

5. Require Task Approvers to E-sign  

In a lot of regulated industries including pharma, an e-sign by the approver is a requirement. This setting forces every user while they are approving to also add their e-sign with a date-time stamp on the approved artwork.

6. Enable Rolling Due dates

This setting will allow due dates to be set in the number of days rather than fixed dates. This helps if you don't want metrics of users in the workflow to be affected by a user who early on didn't adhere to the timelines. For example, if stage 1 has 24th as due date and stage two had 27th as due data, but if the user on stage 1 only finished his task on 28th, the user on stage 2 will also be under breach due to user on stage 1. But if rolling due dates are enabled the user on stage two will not be under breach and will always have 3 days as the time he has to finish his task no matter when the stage 1 user finishes. 

2. Notification Settings 

1. Project start Email

This will send an email to the participants you select whenever a project is started in the account

2. Project Completion Email

Sends an email to all project participants once the project is completed

3. Task Due Reminder  

This sends a "task due reminder email" to the assignee once the task deadline approaches. YOu can also configure that it is sent to the project owner as well.

4. Task Overdue Reminder

This keeps sending an email every day once the deadline is passed to stress that the task needs to be completed. You can also configure for it to be sent to the project creator as well

5. Escalation Email  

If a project is not completed on the due date you can configure to send an escalation email to particular users everyday till it is completed

6. Send rejection emails at every rejected task 

Sometimes getting emails on every rejection can become overwhelming and starts to feel like spam. This setting enables you to get one consolidated email every day for all the rejections that happened 

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