Inviting Users to your Account

Once you have successfully logged in with your email id and password, you can invite other team members to the Artwork Flow software by the following process: 

Inviting Users

Step 1: Go to the Settings option under the ellipsis button next to the admin name.

Step 2: Click on ‘Invite User’.

Step 3: Enter the email id, name, contact number, and role of the new user.

Step 4: Click on “Done’ when you’re finished.

Repeat the process to add more users.

Assigning Roles 

The users of Artwork Flow software can be assigned one of the following roles:

1. Admin 

An admin can:

  • Invite the users.
  • Remove users.
  • Change roles of users.
  • Change account level notification “Settings."

2. Project Manager

A project manager can:

  • Create or archive a project.
  • Create or delete a workflow template.
  • Archive artworks from the library.
  • Delete artworks from projects.
  • Add artworks to projects or the library.

3. Team Member 

A team member can:

  • Give feedback on the artwork (through annotations and comments.)
  • Approve/ Reject the artwork under review.

So, choose the role that best fits the function that that team member performs.

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